12" Glass Recycler with Center Sphere

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Covered and Filled with Curves

Bring some power to your sessions with this 12" Glass Recycler! Bringing some form with its function with a clear, water-tight sphere at its center which two tubes travel through, this awesome glass recycler will swirl your water in an artful dance while it cools and filters your smoke.

Three Chambers

After being percolated into the water at the bottom, the smoke-infused water will travel up through three chambers: leaving the bottom reservoir, it rises up, though the center sphere, to the top chamber, where the smoke gets released through to the neck as the water gets recycled back down to the center chamber, where it will fall back to the bottom reservoir. All the while the water will swirl and climb the walls of this pipe, chilling and remaining fresh thanks to the holes in the center to cycle fresh air through.

Showerhead Perc

With every puff, smoke will come down to the water reservoir and be percolated through a showerhead perc, a classic perc style which looks like a disk with many thin slits in it. This evenly distributes your smoke while being able to bring a larger quantity through than some other perc styles.

Bent Neck

Smoke in style with the relaxed bent neck of this recycler! Angled just right to be easy to use, this glass piece will be a joy to use.

14mm Joint Size

This tube features a 14mm Female Joint, and comes with a 14mm Male Dry Herb Bowl for use right away! But this pipe has a lot of clearance around its joint, so you can put on any of your favorite attachments! If you're interested in some, check out our wide selection of unique bowls, ashcatchers, and more!

Available with Assorted Colored Accents

This 12" Glass Recycler with Center Sphere is available with assorted colored accents around its base and mouthpiece. Pictured above is Green, but other colors are available.