12" Graphic Silicone Beaker Tube

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19mm Female

Unbreakable 12" Pipe

Get the experience you want from a large glass waterpipe coupled with the ease of care and peace of mind that comes with silicone with this 12" Graphic Silicone Beaker Tube. These tubes are made of food-grade silicone, offering a non-stick surface that's easy to clean, won't ever break, and can resist extreme temperatures up to 500°! These Graphic Tubes each have a distinct style. Find the best one to match you! Each tube can be separated at the beaker base for easy access to the interior for cleaning and drying and, despite the seam to separate them, remain totally leak-proof thanks to the double-ring seal.

Optional Ice Catch

Everything you need for this tube is packed inside, and alongside the silicone downstem and glass bowl you will find a silicone ice catch. If you wish to use it, simply slide it up into the neck where a ring indent is awaiting it. It will pop into place able to hold all the ice you need for smooth draws. If you don't want it in any more, simply squeeze the neck and pull it out!

Downstem and Bowl Included

No need to rifle through your supplies to get started with this pipe- or worry about needing anything if this is your first tube. This pipe comes with a 14mm Male glass bowl for your dry herbs, which fits into the silicone slit-diffuse downstem to mix your smoke and water for the ultimate taste experience.

Easy to Clean

Silicone is naturally non-stick, so any residue inside of the waterpipe can be easily wiped away. For a more deep clean, we recommend any of our amazing cleaners found here. To really get inside of this pipe is very easy: right below the bowl joint is a seam where the pipe can be pulled apart. Simply squeeze, twist, and pull to get access inside and make the interior squeaky clean. It's also dishwasher safe!

Available in 3 Unique Styles

Find the best tube for your personality! These tubes are available in 3 graphic styles: Graffiti, Benjamin, and America, and each one says something different about themselves and about you. Pick out the one that expresses you best! Leave your request in this product's order notes and we will try to add it to your order if we have it. If we don't have it or if you don't leave a note we will pick another at random.

Collect Matching Gear

Express your style with matching silicone gear! Alongside this pipe we have a shorter 8" Silicone Graphic Tube, and we also have Graphic Silicone Nectar Collectors for the waxy concentrate side of life. Add a complete set of matching gear to your life today!