14mm Male Freezable Glass Sparkle Bowl with Grip

By: Lit Glass
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Brilliant Freezable Bowls

Spice up your favorite water bong or water pipe with these sparkling 14mm Male Freezable Glass Sparkle Bowls with Grip. Able to be chilled to provide ultra-cooled smoke, these glass bowls are filled with glitter flakes of varying grades and shine bright in any light. Each have a long grip on one side, allowing you to move and jostle it without getting close to any flame.

Simply give it a shake, slide it into your favorite tube, and enjoy!

Available in Assorted Colors

These 14mm Male Freezable Glass Glitter Bowls are available in a variety of colors, both liquid and glitter. Most liquid is clear with colored glitter, but there are some with colored liquid, including black! See above for a photographed sample of colors.

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