14mm Male Mini Ashcatcher, 45 Degree

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14mm Male

Miniature Ashcatcher Attachment

No one appreciates having ash mix into their waterpipe, so why even settle? If you wished your pipe included an ash catcher, this little attachment can grant that wish! Simply slip it on your pipe, load your material into the built-in bowl, and enjoy having your ash filtered through this attachment instead of mixing into your pipe!

45 Degree, 14mm Male Joint

This attachment features a 14mm Male joint, meaning it will slip right on to your pipe's 14mm Female joint. The joint on this attachment is angled at 45°, so it will work perfectly with any 45° pipe joint. If you need a 90 degree joint, for a straight vertical pipe joint, we sell those too!

90 Degree Also Available

This attachment piece features a 45° joint. If you need a 90° joint to appropriately fit your pipe, we sell those too! Browse our selection of other pipe accessories to find anything else you may be looking for and want to extend your pipe's usefulness with.