14mm Male Quartz Terp Slurp

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Slurp up Those Puddles with a Terp Slurper Quartz Banger

This quartz nail is the way to upgrade your concentrate arsenal of accessories. Fitted for daily use, this accessory is created to impress and optimize the dabbing experience of any consumer. Crafted with high-quality quartz, this double-decker banger allows for the smoothest of low temps as well as supports even the largest amount of product.

The terp slurp banger is the latest and greatest in quartz nails. This design is extremely effective as your concentrate drips down to the bottom dish which has small slits. These tiny holes allow air to come in from the bottom and push your dabs back into the middle region for maximum extraction; just watch as it vacuums up all the puddles and terps! Go ahead and drop a massive slab inside the dish and cap it off. Watch as it drops down the walls and and slurps back up from the bottom dish.