14" Rick & Morty Silicone Bong, Assorted

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This product is available in an assortment of colors.

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Unbreakable Tall Tube

This piece is bound to last you a lifetime. Its thick silicone body resists shocks and drops, as well as heat up to 500° F. Each tube comes complete with a 14mm Male Filter Bowl for use right away. These bongs are 14" tall with thick walls, and each one is decorated with a Rick and Morty graphic printed on clear vinyl.

Available in Assorted Colors & Graphics

Each tube is created from assorted colors, either solid or mixed. Such colors are White, Green, and Pink & Blue swirled. Their accompanying bowl and graphics are random in color as well. Some graphic scenes from Rick & Morty include the infamous "Peace Among Worlds" image, Rick and Morty chased by aliens, the famous Portal emergence scene, and one with a wide mix of aliens from the show.

Each order will receive a random bong.