400mAh Variable Voltage Pen Battery 2-Pack

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Double the Batteries for Double the Fun

Why settle for buying just one battery? With this two pack, when you buy one you get one more! This pack of 2 slim pen-style batteries both hold 400mAh of charge, feature three variable voltage modes, and have a preheat function. That's a lot of indulgence for a small price! The batteries are 3.5" tall and feature 510 threading for all of your favorite cartridges. The large button on the front activates the battery and its other options; here's a quick run-down:

  • 5 clicks: Turn battery on/off
  • 3 clicks: Cycle voltage between 3.4 (green light), 3.7 (blue light), and 4.0 V (red light)
  • 2 clicks: Begin 15-second preheat function

Cycle the voltage to select the amount ideal for your needs: lower voltages give you more flavor while higher voltages ensure larger clouds of vapor! Use the preheat function to keep your e-liquids warm and ready to hit when you are.

This two pack of batteries comes complete with one 510-to-USB charger, so while one is in use you can keep the other charging and ready!

Available in Red

These batteries are available in a Semi-Gloss Red finish which almost feels like rubber, giving them a non-slick, fingerprint-resistant surface.

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