420 Celebration Sale

Not only is it April, arguably the best month of the year, but it's also Waterbeds 'n' Stuff's 50th birthday!

Don't worry, we don't expect gifts from you. On the contrary, we want to give you a gift: 42% off some of our best selling pipes and accessories!

That's right; if you've ever wanted some of our high-end glass bongs or dab rigs but thought their price made them out of reach, now's your chance! For the entire month of April we are offering 42% off select products; everything in this category is on sale just for you.

With 4/20 coming up, we want to help everyone celebrate the best way: with 42.0% off. Shop today and save!

Oh, and it's also our cat Cinnamon's birthday.

Mr. Cinnamon Tink Tink looking pretty for his birthday.