50mm 3 Part Small Metal Grinder with Assorted Leaf Graphics


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Rasta Colors and a Full Metal Body

  • Durable Metal Body
  • Two Chambers
  • Wide Range of Graphics
  • 12-Piece Display Box Available

You don't need a large, flashy grinder for your herbs; this hefty little grinder should be all you need! With a weighty design that feels solid in your hands, this tobacco grinder is crafted from strong aluminum milled to precision to give it the best teeth for the job.

Three Piece, Two-Chamber Design

This grinder is compacted down to two chambers, which total about 1.25" tall, yet has all the features of a large and bulky four piece grinder. The top chamber is where the grinding happens, with the teeth set to freely revolve and rotate around its magnetic hinge in the center, and both surfaces are covered in non-stick material. At the bottom of the chamber is a mesh screen to keep all the herbs up top to be ground to the perfect consistency, while any pollen is free to fall to the bottom chamber.

Rastafarian Coloring

From the graphics on the tops to the metal coloring that makes up their bodies, these grinders all sport traditional green, yellow, and red Rasta colors. Each chamber sports a different color to let this grinder stand apart even when disassembled.

Assorted Graphics

Each grinder features its own unique graphic, of which a handful are pictured above. Each order will receive a random grinder.

12-Piece Display Box Available

Special for your storefront, receive a display box full of grinders when you order quantities of 12.

Grinder Size:
Grinder Parts:
3 Parts

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