50mm 4 Part Gift Boxed Cheech & Chong Grinders

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Cheech & Chong Branded Novelty Grinders

Show some support for your best buds and celebrate the 40th anniversary of their hit movie Up In Smoke with these 2" 4 piece aluminum grinders featuring Cheech & Chong!

The body of this grinder is made of heavy duty aluminum and features slip-resistant ribbing and knurling around the top and bottom for the best possible grip.
The first chamber of this grinder features a magnetic lid that latches on and spins with a friction-free movement for smooth grinding, and on the inside are rings of diamond-shaped teeth milled to surgical precision for the best ginding of any herbs you place inside. Around the perimeter of the grinder's inside are even small channels that will push any outlying material back towards the center.
The center of the grinder unscrews to reveal a deep chamber where ground material will gather on top of a fine mesh screen, allowing any escaping pollen to fall into the final chamber at the bottom where it can be easily scraped out and retrieved if needed.

These grinders are brilliant, strong, and sturdy; sure to last a lifetime under good care. Keep them as novelties, send them as gifts, or keep them handy in the kitchen for all your grinding needs!

Boxed for Gifting

Every grinder comes neatly packaged in a nice box ready to be wrapped and gifted, or dropped into a stocking. Be sure to add these to your gifts for anyone on your list!

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