50mm 4 Part Maze Grinder, Assorted Colors

By: Sharper
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Have Some Fun While You Grind


  • Precision-Milled Lightweight Aluminum
  • Low-Friction Magnetic Grind
  • 3 Chambers: includes a pollen screen and chamber!
  • Available in assorted colors including rainbow chromatic!

Wanna play a game? This herb grinder features a little maze game on its top to preoccupy you when you need some entertainment! These grinders are precision milled from high-grade aluminum, every piece and interior is the same color as the outside, and the inside is coated with a non-stick surface so every shred will fall through.

These grinders are 2" wide, or 50mm, for a compact grinder perfect for taking on travels and adventures while still being able to hold a good capacity of herbs. Each are constructed in a 3-Chamber, 4 piece design:

  • the top chamber is the grinder, where computer-milled teeth and non-slick surfaces combine to give you the most ideal consistency of your ground herbs;
  • the center chamber is where you herbs will collect, and at its bottom is a pollen screen so everything tiny falls through and you can easily collect your larger herbs;
  • the bottom chamber is the pollen collection, where fine dust will gather for recycling and extended use!

Available in Assorted Colors

These 2" Maze Grinders are available in a wide assortment of colors, including All Black, Red, Blue, and Rainbow. See the picture above for the complete assortment. Each order will receive one at random.

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