58mm Rick and Morty Graphic Grinders, Assorted Graphics

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  • 58mm (2.2") Diameter
  • 4 Part, 3 Chamber Design
  • Printed with Various Rick and Morty Art
  • 6 Piece Display Available

Celebrate the adventures of Rick & Morty with these painted aluminum grinders. If you're a fan of the show and looking to expand your collection with more awesome gear, these are the best Rick & Morty themed grinders we offer. Designed in 4 parts, or 3 chambers, these aluminum grinders are machined to provide the perfect grind every time. The bottom holds a fine mesh screen to allow only the best pollen to fall through and be collected for later use.

6 Piece Display Available

Receive a FREE display box when you purchase 6 of these grinders! Each box will contain 1 of each of the styles mentioned above and can be opened to display them to your customers or friends.

Simply add 6 of these grinders to your cart and, upon checkout, you will receive them all packaged within one display box ready to be opened and distributed.