6" Mini Iridescent Beaker Bong, Assorted

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This product is available in an assortment of colors.

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Handheld Smoking Style


  • 6" Tall
  • Iridescent Finish
  • 45°, 14mm joint
  • Includes matching Dry Herb Bowl

This is the perfect little number to expand your collection! Standing only 6 inches tall, these Mini Iridescent Beakers are great pieces if you're looking for something small and compact. They stand on a flat, round 3" base and taper up in a traditional beaker design, which is echoed at the top mouthpiece as it gently tapers out. The 14mm female joint on these pieces are angled at 45 degrees and have a built-in downstem, so the bong is completely usable and portable without having to worry about having a downstem to slide in!

Includes Matching Bowl

These water pipes come ready to use right out of the box with a matching dry herb funnel bowl! The bowls are colored the same as the body of the bong, complete with an iridescent finish. They have a 14mm male joint frosted to make a friction seal and keep smoke flowing through the pipe and not escaping.

Make it a Dab Rig!

Small, compact frame; fixed downstem; minimal percolation. This pipe would be a perfect candidate to be a dab rig! If only it came with a banger instead of a bowl, and that angled joint is a little awkward. Well, worry no more and let your wishes be fulfilled! We sell compatible bangers, and we actually have a very popular angled quartz banger that will suit this bong perfectly! Check it out:

Available in Assorted Colors

These Mini Iridescent Beaker pipes are available in an assortment of colors, Green and Blue pictured above. They all have the same design; a round base, beaker body, angled joint, and matching herb bowl; but the colors of the glass body can vary from Blue, to Green, and even a smoky gray.

Each order will receive one color at random. Available colors are subject to change, so we cannot guarantee any specific color style will be in stock.

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