650mAh Rick and Morty Twist Batteries, Assorted Graphics

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  • 650mAh capacity pen battery. 
  • Slim pen-shaped battery with universal 510 threading. 
  • Available in an assortment of quirky Rick and Morty graphics. 
  • Every battery includes a USB charger. 

Warning: Charging this device using a wall outlet USB adapter may short circuit the device. Use the included charger with a computer, portable power brick, or other USB-based charging solution.
If you're having problems or believe your device may have shorted out, contact us and we can help.

When you want a vape battery to last all day, you want one of these 650mAh Rick and Morty Twist Batteries.

Boasting a large capacity battery with 650mAh battery charge, these large capacity batteries keep their slim pen shape for easy transport. And with its universal 510 threading, this pen battery is ready for your favorite accessory.

At the bottom of these pen batteries is a dial to adjust voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V, ensuring you have absolute control over how much power you want to provide your accessories.

These pens are easily rechargeable! Every pen comes with a 510-USB charger which is easy to simply plug and charge! Just screw it onto the 510 thread of your battery and plug it into a convenient USB outlet.

Each battery also features a 1 minute preheat to get your juices up to target temp quickly and sustainably, letting you enjoy them without having to worry about inconsistent heating and taste. Simply press the button two times to activate it, burning out any leftover juice between refills or giving a full cartridge a good warm-up to the perfect temperature to vape.

How to Use the Battery

These batteries can each perform a multitude of options. Follow this handy guide to access all of its features!

  • Twist the bottom to adjust the voltage to the perfect spot.
  • Press the Power button five (5) times quickly to turn the battery on or off
  • Press the Power button two (2) times quickly to begin the 1 minute preheat function.
    • Press the button again at any time to cancel the preheat.
  • Hold the power button for standard heating & vaping.

We carry these 650mAh Rick and Morty Batteries in an assortment of graphic styles. The pictures above do not reflect our current assortment. Each order will receive a random style.