900mAh Pipe-Shaped Vape Kit

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Classically-Inspired Vape


  • 900mAh capacity
  • Pipe shaped!
  • Variable Voltage (3 settings)
  • 15 second Preheat Function
  • Includes refillable 1.0 mL glass tank & USB charger

Relive the "old days" with this unique vape pen kit! This kit comes packed with a 900mAh battery, a 1.0mL tank with a ceramic mouthpiece, and a USB charging cable. What sets this kit apart from others? The battery is shaped like a round, wood carved pipe! The battery is 1.75" tall and can be comfortably held in your hand, and the included tank can be screwed right into the stem of the pipe thanks to the familiar and industry standard 510 threading. Once you have the tank on you have two ways to vape:

  1. Press the button to heat the cartridge and enjoy; alternatively, press the button twice to engage preheating to enjoy your juices any time, or
  2. Just inhale.

That's right, this pipe battery also functions as a no-click "auto-draw" vape. Simply inhale and enjoy your e-juices!

Variable Voltage Battery

This vape battery is chock-full of surprises and functions. To start with, it's shaped like a pipe! How cool is that? At the mouth of the pipe, instead of packing it there's a button. This button activates the various functions on the pipe:

  • 5 quick clicks will turn the device on or off
  • 3 clicks will cycle the voltage between three settings: 3.3 V illuminated in green, 3.5 V in blue, and 3.8 V in red.
  • 2 clicks will activate a 15 second preheat function, getting your e-juices up to a steady temperature to enjoy.