900mAh Variable Voltage Vape Pen Kit

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Complete Refillable Kit


  • 900mAh capacity
  • Variable Voltage (3 settings)
  • 15 second Preheat Function
  • Includes 1.0mL tank & charger
  • Assorted Colors Available

Jump into vaping and have everything you need to stay in the game with this 900mAh Vape Pen Kit! This complete kit contains a 900mAh battery, a 1.0mL clear glass tank, and a 510-to-USB charger; the only thing missing is a cool carrying case (which we do carry)!

Variable Voltage Battery

Let's dive into the battery. This 900mAh battery is almost 4" tall; has an industry-standard 510-threading at the top for the included tank, or your favorite one if you already have some; and has a single button which performs multiple functions:

  • 5 quick clicks: Turn the battery on or off
  • 3 clicks: cycle voltage between three settings: 3.4 V, shown with a green light; 3.7 V in blue; and 4.0 V in red.
  • 2 clicks: Engage a 15 second preheat function

Why Preheat?

Most vape batteries work by activation, either pressing and holding a button or breathing in ("auto-draw" style vapes). This means that when the vape activates it immediately spikes the temperature inside of the tank to vaporize your liquid. This is good for taking small hits here and there, but to truly enjoy your liquids you should keep your liquids warm and at a constant temperature. That's what preheat is for! It will raise the temperature of your tank's liquid and make it ready for enjoyment when you are. Almost like a "session mode," this allows you to enjoy temperature-perfect and ready hits for as long as the preheat lasts without having to press the button again. In short: preheat will always give you the best flavor from your juices consistently, and give you a button-free vaping experience too!

Included in the Kit

As mentioned, this kit comes with everything necessary to enjoy vaping your favorite e-juices:

  • 1x 900mAh Variable Voltage Battery
  • 1x 1mL Glass Tank
  • 1x 510-to-USB Charger

Each piece features industry-standard, near-universal 510 threading, so the battery can attach to both the tank and charger. Simply screw the battery into the charger and plug it into an available USB port to begin charging it!

Available in Assorted Colors

We carry a wide variety of these batteries, and some are pictured above, such as Red, Black, and Green. Each order will receive one at random.

650mAh Version Available

Looking for a less expensive alternative? Maybe you don't really need all 900mAh this kit offers. well, luckily for you we have a 650mAh version of this same vape kit, with all the same accessories except it features a shorter, 650mAh capacity battery. Check it out, maybe it's for you!

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