Airis Headbanger Dip & Dab E-Nectar Collector Kit

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1500 mAh

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Dip or Dab, Forget the Rig and Grab this Vape!


  • Fritted Quartz Surfaces for maximum heat efficiency
  • E-Nectar Collector Vaporizer!
  • Water Bubbler Mouthpiece
  • 1500mAh battery capacity
  • 2 Quartz Storage Jars, able to be contained within lower magnetic cover
  • Three Variable Voltage settings

The power to vape your favorite concentrates, even as a nectar collector! The Airis Headbanger combines the best of both worlds in one, and even includes a glass bubbler which can be optionally filled with some water to filter your vapor. The bottom of this vape is magnetically attached and can be removed to reveal the Dip Coil, your key to using this vape as an E-Nectar Collector. If you want to make this vape more portable, you can simply remove the Dip Coil and bottom container to shave off a good inch from this vape's 4.25" height.

Two Fritted Quartz Coil Options: Dip or Dab

The Airis Headbanger includes two atomizer coils to enjoy concentrates your way. Designed to be used one at a time, you can choose between using the included Dab Coil, which is a traditional open-faced dish you can place your favorite concentrates within; or use the included Dip Coil which, when the dab coil is not screwed into place, will make this vape work as an E-Nectar Collector.

To use the Dab Coil, slide the glass bubbler mouthpiece off and screw the atomizer into place. It can be a little hard to twist into place without much maneuvering room, but once it's in simply place some concentrate in and replace the bubbler mouthpiece to enjoy! Refilling the Dab Coil is as easy as sliding the glass bubbler up a little bit and putting more in.

Using the Dip Coil is as easy as ensuring you don't have the Dab Coil screwed into place, as that would block the airflow, and dipping the coil into your favorite concentrates! Just like a good nectar collector, the Dip Coil heats up and is ready to vaporize your favorite concentrates.

510 Thread

Both connections on the Headbanger are 510-threaded, ready and awaiting your best attachments. This vape comes complete with a Dab Coil and Dip Coil, but it can also work as a traditional vape if you bring your favorite vape tank to the table.

You can replace the Dip Coil with your favorite vape cartridge, or place it at the top connection if your tank is tall enough, and vape like normal. Enjoy all the power of the Headbanger expanded with your own tools!

1500mAh Battery Capacity

This capacity is huge! 1500mAh is a large capacity to find in something as compact as the Headbanger. The entire vape is around 1.5" wide, .75" deep, and 4.25" tall; half of that width is in the mouthpiece compartment, and an inch of height is in the magnetic cap at the bottom!

Three Variable Voltage Settings

Of course the Headbanger has variable voltage settings! Three quick clicks of the power button will cycle the vape's voltage: 3.4 V is displayed in green, 3.7 V in blue, and 4.2 V in red. With each press of the power button, the LED in the device will reflect through the glass bubbler to illuminate its setting.

Portable Quartz Jars Included

The Headbanger comes with two portable quartz jars to hold your favorite concentrates. Removing the bottom of the Headbanger will reveal two compartments, and the Quartz Jars each have lids that will allow them to slip straight in and be pulled out when needed. When the Dip Coil is installed in the Headbanger it can rest in one chamber, so you can either keep the Dip Coil in and have one jar with you, or remove the Dip Coil and keep both jars with you wherever you go!

Glass Water Bubbler Mouthpiece

Removable glass water bubbler & mouthpiece designed for pure and cool vapor. It doesn't have to have water in it if you prefer your vapor straight from the concentrate, but it is what directs vapor through the device to your mouth. If you would like to use some water to help filter and cool the smoke and vapor that comes through, simply add a little to the chamber and it will do all the work!

Included in this Kit

The Headbanger comes with a slew of items for every function you could ever need! Including charging, of course.

  • Headbanger Battery Device
  • Magnetic Cover
  • Dip Coil
  • Dab Coil
  • Water Bubbler Mouthpiece
  • 2x Quartz Jar
  • USB Cable
  • Dab Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Carrying Bag
  • User Manual
  • Gift Box

Replacement & Compatible Parts

We carry OEM Airistech parts to be sure you get what you need for your favorite devices. Most of these accessories are 510 threaded for universal use, but some are best suited for their intended devices.

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Compatible Parts

Available in Black and Rainbow Finish

The Airis Headbanger is available in 2 color finishes, Black and Rainbow. Choose your favorite from the option set above and get the new vape & E-Nectar Collector of your dreams!