Airis Mystica II Mod

By: Airistech
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Pocket-Sized Variable Voltage Wonder


  • Pocket-Sized
  • 450mAh Battery
  • Variable Voltage
  • Preheat Function
  • 510-threaded Magnetic Adapters
  • Oil Tank Not Included

Find all the power you need for your Oils in a compact package with this, the Airis Mystica II. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand yet boasting power for a full day of enjoyable vaping, the Mystica II has everything you need yet can be easily slipped away into a pocket.

Quick-Change Magnetic Adapters

The Mystica II comes with 2 magnetic adapters, each featuring 510-threading. When it comes time to replace your cartridge, don't fumble with unscrewing it and replacing it with another- simply carry two with you and swap them out! It's as easy as pulling one out and slipping in the next, no mess and no fuss. Coupled with 510 threading, the Mystica II can house most atomizers on the market today, and, chances are, your favorite one too. The opening on the Mystica II is a wide 12mm diameter, able to fit modern cartridges to give you the quality you expect from your vape.

Three Variable Voltage Settings

As you should expect from your vape, the Mystica II features three variable voltage settings to cycle through to get the best flavor from your oils. Cycle through each setting with 3 quick clicks of the power button and it will illuminate to convey what color the device is set to: 3.4 V is lit in Green; 3.7 V in Blue; and 4.2 V in Red. Certain terpenes, the flavors that compose concentrates and oils, get released at different temperatures, so play with the voltages to find the one that's right for your oil.

Oil Tank Not Included

The Airis Mystica II does not come with an Oil Tank for use with it; this product is the battery only. Don't worry though, we carry a large selection of tanks and cartridges at low prices, and you're sure to find a worthy tank to fill this new battery if you don't already have one in mind!

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