American Made Catalyst Glass Smoking Chimp Rig

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A Unique Piece to Go Bananas For

Don't miss your chance to add this amazing piece to your collection! Hand blown in America by Fish Glass out of Arizona, a sub-studio of Catalyst Glass, this piece features an amazing attention to detail in all of its sculpting. You can see the maker's signature on the bottom of its fixed downstem. This jet black smoking Chimp features a strong scowl and burning cig in its jaws, and its mouthpiece is the top of its head. Inside, this rig has a bright yellow banana perc with two holes which dips deep into the basin to really mix smoke with the water inside. This piece comes with a matching hand blown directional bubble carb cap.

2-Hole Banana Perc

Swinging down from the banger hanger is a low-lying banana, dipping deep down into the reservoir and featuring two holes to percolate from. As your smoke comes down it bubbles into the water, mixing and cooling for the best effect.

14mm Female Joint

This rig features a 14mm Female joint, ready to accept all similarly-sized 14mm Male accessories. Slip in your favorite bowl or other attachment and go bananas with this pipe!

Matching Directional Carb Cap Included

To up your fun, every rig comes with a matching directional carb cap with the same glass colors and design as its body: a jet black bubble with an easily graspable banana at its top to spin and direct airflow as necessary. You won't find this piece anywhere else!

Each Piece is Unique

Each rig is made by hand in Arizona, USA, by Fish Glass and is signed as such on the bottom of the banger hanger. Know that this rig was crafted by an artisan just for your collection! From its highly glossy surface to its deep blue eyes, this piece demands attention and will add a unique face to your glass collection.