Anodized Accent Short Chamber Metal Pipe with Filter

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Colorful, Filtered Metal Pipe

Enjoy a splash of color with this filtered metal pipe featuring colored, anodized metal accents, an expanded stem chamber, a filter piece in the bowl, and a smoke through cap. It's so loaded with cool stuff, there's no reason not to grab one, especially at this price!

The bowl of this pipe has a filter at the bottom built-in to stop ash from falling through, allowing only smoke into the stem. Along with the filter, the bowl is capped with a smoke-through lid allowing you to keep your herbs tightly contained yet still allow a flame to enter and ignite them when it's time for a smoke break.

The stem of the pipe is replaced with an expanded chamber, which is wide and rounded to allow smoke to swirl and circulate before ultimately flowing through to your lips.

Available in Assorted Colors

The smoke-through cap and the small connection joint at the center of the stem chamber are made of colorful anodized metal and is available in an array of colors such as Green, Blue, and Purple as pictured above. Each order will receive one at random.