Anodized Metal Pipe with Wide Stem and Colored Rings

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Colorful, Bulbous Pipe

Bring some color to your smoke sessions with this Anodized, Wide Stem Metal Pipe, featuring brightly colored metal and a wide, expanded neck. The bowl comes with a smoke-through cap to keep your herbal blends packed where they should be while still being able to welcome in a flame. The bowl meets the stem at a 90° angle, and the stem has some parts on it that give it a wide stem chamber before leading to the tapered mouthpiece.

Available in Assorted Colors

This Anodized Metal Pipe is available in assorted metal colors such as Red, Green, Blue, and more, and the rubber o-rings that decorate the body will complement the color of the metal. Each order will receive one at random unless otherwise stated in the comments section of your cart. 

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