Assorted Graphic Stash Box with Jar & Grinder

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Everything You Could Ever Need for Storage

Decorative wooden box? Check. Airtight storage solution? Check. 4-Piece grinder? Check! Rolling block and label stickers? Double check! Look at all of these things that come in this storage set!

This is the perfect place for all of your favorite herbs. Grind, store, and keep on hand for the perfect time. Many graphics are available for these storage sets, and every piece they contain share the same graphic. Featuring art ranging from trippy with bright colors and plants to something more alluring.

These Storage Sets are available in 3 sizes. They each have the same equipment inside, but bigger sizes mean bigger gear! The grinders, jars, and rolling blocks get bigger with the box set size. Choose what suits you best from the option set above.

Available in Assorted Graphic Designs

These Storage Sets are available with a wide assortment of graphic designs on their front, which are carried through to the lids of the grinder and jar they contain.