Backwoods Large Graphic Stash and Grind Boxed Kit, Assorted Graphics


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  • 56mm grinder, stash jar, stickers, and a box to hold it all. 
  • Matching Backwoods-branded graphics with cartoon characters from Rick and Morty or Dragonball. 
  • The perfect boxed set for all your grinding and storage needs. 
  • Available in assorted styles. 

What more could you ask for from a box of stash supplies? The Backwoods Graphic Stash and Grind Box Kit has everything you could ever want and more.

Every wooden box is topped with a bright graphic showing the Backwoods brand and a cartoon graphic. Inside the boxes you will find:

  • 1x 56mm grinder. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, this grinder has 3 chambers for grinding, storage, and kief collection. On the lid of the grinder is a matching graphic to the box. 
  • 1x Smell proof glass jar. 3" tall and 2" wide, this jar is the perfect size for taking with you. And since it is air-tight, no smells will escape once the lid is pressed on. 
  • 1x Wooden rolling block, making rolling joints easy and fast. 
  • 6 labels to keep track of what herbal blend you have in your jar. 

When you're looking for a complete kit for grinding, stashing, and traveling, the Backwoods Boxed Kit is ready for you!