Take Care of Your Pair - April is Men's Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Take Care of Your Pair - April is Men's Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Posted by Robbie McWaterbed on Apr 04, 2022

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and we’ve teamed up with the Testicular Cancer SocietyPark Side Medical Clinic, and QFM 96.3 to urge you to “Take Care Of Your Pair.”

Ohio residents: QFM 96.3 is even giving you a chance to win your own “pair…” of Benjamins.

Check out the fact sheet below to find info on risk factors, symptoms, early detection, treatment, and more. Then, be listening weekdays for a reminder from “Nurse Nikki” to “Take Care Of Your Pair.” Once you hear it, be the 9th caller at 614-821-9696 to win $200! Learn more about this special promotion at QFM96.com.

What is Testicular Cancer?

Self-Exam How-To.

Most testicular cancers are found by men themselves or their partner and not by physicians and that is why self-exams are so important. If one notices any changes to their testicles, simply give your doctor a call (or if you feel something, say something)

  • Educate yourself HERE with more stats, facts, signs, and risk factors.
  • Early detection is important. Be sure to examine yourself regularly. Find out why you should do self-exams and how to do them at BallChecker.com, which also features a free app. The Ball Checker mobile app provides a few facts every guy and girl should know about testicular cancer as well as how to do a testicular self-exam. If you examine your testicles regularly, you will get to know what’s normal and what’s different.
  • You can also get monthly text reminders, just text selfexam to 22999. Your cell number is only used for monthly reminders and you can opt-out anytime.

Want to get involved in spreading awareness? The reality that Testicular Cancer is still taking the lives of young men is No Joke.

The Testicular Cancer Society thinks that humor, in good taste, is essential in raising awareness. With Testicular Cancer Awareness Month starting on April Fools Day, there is irony in the hashtag, so please feel free to be humorous or serious but join us in raising awareness for the leading cause of cancer in guys aged 15-35, although it can occur at any age, by using #TCisNoJoke this all month long.

To get the full scope of Testicular Cancer, visit testicularcancersociety.org.

QFM 96.3 Promotion for Ohio Residents: View official rules and regulations at QFM96.com.