Ceramic Smoke Scope Tube with Grip and Tray

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Accessible Tray and Ergonomic Design

This ceramic pipe combines the best of both worlds: form & function! This pipe is easy to use with one hand, either holding it or with it placed on a table, thanks to its ergonomic grip and carb hole over where your pointer finger would rest. Simply give it a good grip to activate the carb and extend your finger to let the air come in. The sturdiness of this pipe is attributed to its long base, able to keep it stable with the weight of quality ceramic. The top of the base is also a convenient tray with 3 compartments for holding various supplies. Keeping them accessible and handy at all times and always within reach is always important! Ergonomic and sensible, this is a heavy pipe that won't let you down. It features a classic design, a simple sloped tube, which opens at a wide mouth ready to meet yours! It comes with a downstem that reaches inside to fill the water with smoke, sealed tight with an o-ring. This pipe stands 7.5" tall.

Available in Black and Blue (and that's no joke!).