Cheech & Chong "The Cheech" Glass Tube

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12" Bent Neck Bell Beaker Water Pipe

Enjoy Cheech & Chong in a new way with "The Cheech" glass tube! Standing 12 inches tall, this water pipe will surely please as either a timeless piece or a novelty item. Dedicated to the cult classic Up In Smoke's 40th Anniversary, this pipe will be a big hit with any fan.

19mm Female Joint

The Cheech features a 19mm Female joint leaning into the side, awaiting the included diffused downstem. 19mm is a large size, but for use right out of the box this pipe comes with a 19/14mm diffused downstem and a 14mm Male herb bowl ready and waiting for your best material.

Includes 19/14mm Diffused Downstem

After receiving this pipe you don't have to dig through your collection for a 19mm downstem to make the best use of it- it already comes with one! The perfect match to slide right down into the reservoir of water, the diffused downstem features 6 slits and an opening on the bottom to effectively diffuse the most smoke. The downstem opens to a 14mm female joint, ready to accept the included 14mm Male herb bowl.

Includes 14mm Male Herb Bowl

The included 14mm Female-jointed herb bowl was literally made for this rig. The bowl is a traditional conical shape but features a thumb grip to help slide it on and off of the pipe, and the grip is colored to match the color of the pipe you order.

Premium Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass

Only the best for the best taste! Each The Cheech water pipe is hand-made from quality borosilicate glass, easy to clean and maintain and always a joy to use.

Available in Green and Purple

You can get "The Cheech" in either Green or Purple. Each come with a quartz 14mm Female herb bowl which has a colored thumb grip to match the pipe color.

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