Cheech & Chong "Tied Stick" Glass Tube

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10" Extract Water Pipe

Just like "that stuff that's tied to a stick," this Tied Stick Extract water pipe is sure to knock your socks off! The long neck of this rig stands tall, and the removable in-line ruffled showerhead perc will give you strong, clean hits paired with easy access cleaning.

Removable Ruffled Showerhead Percolator

The downstem and perc on this rig is fully removable with a 29mm connecting joint. This makes the entire rig easily accessible for cleaning and, on the odd chance that you have another 29mm downstem and perc, feel free to swap it in! The perc color matches that of the base and mouthpiece to coordinate nicely. At the top of the showerhead piece is a 19mm Female joint awaiting your best accessory- or the included 19mm Male quartz banger!

Included 19mm Male Thick Quartz Banger

You don't have to wait to use this rig! Each water pipe comes with the perc separated from its body, and also in the box is a thick-walled quartz banger with a 19mm Male joint, ready and waiting to be placed in and used immediately.

Premium Hand-Blown Borosilicate Construction

The body of the Tied Stick Extract Rig is made of high quality borosilicate glass and each is hand-blown so no two are alike.

Available in Black, Green, and Purple

This water pipe is available in an assortment of colors.