Cloak Auto-Draw Vape Battery

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Discrete and Portable Auto-Draw Vape Battery


  • Auto-Draw
  • Ultimate Discretion
  • 650 mAh
  • Cartridge not Included

The ultimate in discretion, conceal your vaping with the Cloak Vape Battery. Fully assembled, this device looks merely like a small container, a little larger than a lighter; at the top, though, is a small opening which simply needs you to inhale from for the vaporizer to fire up and activate! When you open this vape mod, simply screw your favorite cartridge into the 510-threaded base, either .5 mL or 1 mL, and replace the cover to completely conceal it inside, giving no indication this is a vaporizer.

Optimized for CCELL

This vaporizer features 510 threading, but is made by Hamilton Devices, the creator of the CCELL cartridge, and is designed to optimize the CCELL's ceramic core and give peak performance. If you're interested in one, check out the CCELL cartridges we carry! We have white mouthpiece .5 ml CCELL cartridges and CCELL cartridges with a black ceramic mouthpiece that can hold up to 1 ml of concentrate.

Completely Enclosed Cartridge

Enjoy ultimate discretion with this excellently concealed vaporizer! There's no visible trace of your cartridge once it's enclosed, and the whole vaporizer is hardly larger than a lighter. Once your cartridge is screwed in and the mouthpiece is replaced the chamber becomes airtight and set to activate by drawing in breaths- no buttons, no knobs, just breathe in to activate the vaporizer.

Auto Draw

No buttons on this vape! Simply breathe in and to activate vaporization. Breathe in for up to 10 seconds to take long, slow hits before the device auto-shuts off.

Don't Forget a Cartridge!

This battery does not include a cartridge, so don't forget to supply one! This vape battery is designed for CCELL cartridges, so if you don't have one you can grab one right now! With a ceramic core to maximize taste and flavor, CCELL is the next step in the evolution of your vape arsenal.

Available in Various Colors

The Cloak is available in an assortment of colors such as Red, White, Blue, and Black. You can specify a color preference in your order notes at checkout, but we cannot guarantee that your requested color is in stock, in which case we will select a color at random.

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