Clout Concentrate Cartridge

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Perfect Clout Groupie

If you're looking for the best companion for any of your Clout gear and love vaping concentrates, the Clout Round-Mouth Cartridge is eager to join you on your journeys!

This quartz coil cartridge is walled with ceramic for even and precise heating. Just drop in a small bit of concentrate and when this cartridge fires up it will evenly vaporize your waxes. When you take this cartridge apart you will find that it has a built-in dab tool, perfect for helping you get every last bit of concentrate into the coil without wasting a speck. Since the dabber is internal, you can even leave the concentrate on it as the compartment heats up for ultimate convenience.

Compatible with Most 510 Thread Batteries

This little cartridge works with the Clout Pokito and other 510 thread batteries. Add it to your arsenal for a fleek concentrate cartridge!

Available in Black

This cartridge is available in black. Don't worry though, black goes with everything.