Clout Pokito Variable Voltage Vape Battery

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The Poquito Pokito

4" x .75" x .75". That's all the space it takes to power up your next vaping sessions! The Pokito is a small, discrete vape battery that can fit within a clenched fist! Enjoy ultimate discretion with Clout's Pokito. Make some clout for yourself with the Limited Edition Mayan Print!

Use this variable voltage battery with your favorite cartridges. Use the included magnetic adapter with your favorite 510-threaded vape cartridge, plug it in, and enjoy your experience! The Clout Pokito features 450 mAh capacity, a single push button, 3 voltage settings, preheat capability, and a 510 thread magnetic adapter. Also comes complete with the USB charger!


Included in this Kit

  • Pokito Variable Voltage Battery
  • Magnetic 510 Adapter
  • USB Charger

Available in multiple colors including blue, green, black with red, and a limited edition Mayan! In order to use this device you must use the magnetic ring that screws onto your cartridge!

No Cartridge Included

The Pokito is a battery and does not come with a tank for your vape juices. The opening at the top is 10mm which fits most standard clearomizers, cartridges, and atomizers, but if you're in the market for one or would like one that goes with the Pokito's design, pick up our Clout Concentrate Cartridge from its page. Make your experience complete with a matching tank today!