Cookies Dip-Straw Nectar Collector 510 Battery Attachment

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  • Turn your Battery into an electronic nectar collector!
  • Fits most 510-thread batteries. 
  • Includes quartz tip and a built-in smoke-through straw. 
  • Available in Cookies Blue and White. 

Enjoy your dabs a new way by turning any 510-threaded battery into a nectar collector with this new accessory from Cookies!

The new Cookies Dip-Straw turns any 510 battery into an electric nectar collector. Conventional pen batteries can be screwed right in, and box vapes can also be used with the Dip-Straw's innovative screw-out head: just unscrew the tip, align your battery, and screw the threading in. This makes the Dip-Straw compatible with almost every 510 battery on the market.

These electric dab straw battery accessories have a quartz tip for fast, efficient dabbing of your favorite waxy concentrates. The tip can be unscrewed and replaced when needed, and we carry the replacement Cookies part!

Once you've heated the tip and dipped it into your concentrates, the long tube on this accessory acts as the straw to inhale and enjoy your dabs.

Forget conventional vaporizer dab dishes, try something new with the Cookies Dip-Straw, the first and best e-straw accessory for your batteries, so you can dab anywhere, anytime!

*Battery not included.