Diamond Glass "Ranger XL" 16" Double Tree Perc Beaker

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Double Perc Beaker with Ice Catch

  • Two 4-Arm Tree Percs
  • Ice Pinch
  • 15.25" Tall
  • 19mm Female, 45° Joint
  • Includes 19-14 Slitted Downstem & 14mm Male Funnel Bowl
  • Assorted Accent Colors

Enjoy percolating power with this large 15.25" tall Double 4-Arm Tree Perc Beaker Tube! With two times the percolating power of traditional waterpipes, this piece will ensure you get the strongest flavor from your herbs. Even better, on top of the last perc in the chain is an ice catch able to hold up to 4" of ice to cool your smoke before you draw it in.

Although this pipe features a 19mm Female joint built-in, it operates best with a downstem- which comes included! The 4.5" long 19mm-to-14mm downstem sits flush with the joint of the pipe with minimal added space, and the reduced joint size makes it compatible with the most common accessory size, 14mm. To make this tube complete, it includes a 14mm Male Bowl for your dry herbs and tobacco blends for use right out of the box! Within just a few moments your brand new super tube will be ready to use, coming to you complete with everything you need.

Two 4-Arm Tree Percs

A tree perc is one where air is brought up through its center "trunk" from the chamber below it, then forced down each of its arms where small slits will percolate the smoke with water, like multiple miniature diffusers. This tube features two levels of 4-arm tree percs, resulting in 8 separate percolations!

Available in Assorted Colored Accents

Each perc inside of the Diamond Ranger XL is colored glass, giving these pipes a unique appearance. Available colors include Pink, Black, and Green. Green pictured above. Each order will receive one color at random.

Replacement Parts

Are you looking to replace a piece that came with this pipe? The included accessories are a 4.5" 19 Male to 14 Female Downstem and a 14mm Male funnel bowl, which we carry! Follow the links below to find their respective product pages:

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