Diamond Glass "UFO" Beaker Waterpipe

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Out-of-This-World Hits

Diamond Glass brings you a new spin on a classic percolator: inline from the joint on this pipe is a "UFO" showerhead perc- one that is taller and has almost a second layer's space of pure glass to hold extra smoke before percolating. This lets your smoke hang for just one short moment more before cycling through the water, allowing it to gather and strengthen before being filtered and cooled for your hits.

The UFO Beaker Pipe is 10" tall and has an ice pinch at the top of the beaker cone to support 5 in3 of ice. At the top, the lip around the mouthpiece is a flat disk that gently dips in to the 1" diameter neck, allowing you to comfortably rest your lips for each draw.

Included Accessories & Replacement Parts

This Diamond Glass "UFO" Beaker Pipe comes complete with a 14mm Male Filter Bowl. This bowl features a star-shaped filter at its bottom to allow more smoke and less ash through to your pipe, and it even has a print that matches the accent color on your pipe.

If you own this UFO Beaker Pipe and are looking for a replacement bowl, we do carry a wide assortment of bowls but the closest we have to the one offered with this pipe is Grav's Octo Bowl, which features an eight-hole filter with Grav branding. Check it out in the link below:

Available in Assorted Colors

These Diamond Glass beaker pipes are available with assorted colored accents, such as Teal, Black, Green, and more. The parts that are colored are the lip around the top and the logo on the pipe and the bowl. Each order will receive one at random!

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