Diamond Honey Turbine Perc Glass Rig

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Vortex Perc for Maximum Cooling (and Effect!)

Diamond Glass, one of the top purveyors in quality glass pipes, has crafted this great small rig, so named the "Diamond Honey" for the sweetness of the resulting hits.

Featuring an inline diffusing downstem followed by a Turbine percolator to deliver an intense hit, this waterpipe / rig also has a 90 degree straight stem with a 14mm Female joint as well as an angled mouthpiece for ultimate relaxation.

Turn this Waterpipe into an Oil Rig!

This waterpipe comes complete with a 14mm Male dry herb bowl to slip in and use with your favorite herbal blends, but why this rig doesn't include an accessory for concentrates is beyond me! If you prefer to use concentrates and want this to be a great oil rig, we at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff have a wide variety of bangers to accommodate you. Browse our Banger category to see all of our styles; but remember: for this rig you will need a 14mm Male, 90 Degree banger!

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