Dopezilla 11.5" Large Mutos Bong

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Borosilicate Glass
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Ice Pinch
Dopezilla Glass

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  • 11.5" glass bong. 
  • 3 Percs: Two Turbine and One Honeycomb. 
  • Colored Accents. 
  • Includes 14mm dry herb bowl. 

If you think the Small Mutos Bong with its single honeycomb percolator was cool, enjoy three times the perc power with the Large Mutos.

The Dopezilla 11.5" Mutos Ice Bong has the same familiar straight body, fixed downstem, and ice pinch as its smaller cousin, but this water pipe packs in the power with two turbine percolators on either side of the honeycomb perc. Turbine percs are hard to find, and the Large Mutos Ice Bong is one of the least expensive water pipes to boast not just one, but two.

  • Complete your Dopezilla collection with a Mutos bong in matching, familiar colors such as Milky Jade or Milky Teal. The colors are shown in the base, mouthpiece, honeycomb percolator, and in the included 14mm bowl.
  • Enjoy smooth, filtered hits with the combination of two turbine percolators and one honeycomb perc.
  • The fixed downstem injects smoke and vapor deep into the water chamber for maximum purification.