Exxus MiCare Cartridge Vape Box Mod Battery

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Premier Discreet Box Mod


  • 700mAh
  • Auto Draw
  • Variable Voltage (3.4 V - 4.0 V)
  • Preheat Function
  • Magnetic Quick-Change Adapters
  • 1.625" W, 2.25" H, .625" D
  • Includes Lanyard

The easiest to use, most discreet, and most enjoyable vape battery on the market today, brought to you in a collaboration between Exxus, winner of the 2019 Jack Herer Cup; and Smok, the first-class international e-cigarette brand.

No-Click Auto Draw Functionality

Effortlessly enjoy your favorite e-juices with a simple breath. No buttons to press, no worries to have. The MiCare is an Auto-Draw vape, meaning you don't have to press and hold a button to activate the heating element, you only have to take a breath and the system activates. The only times you will need to press the button are if you want to change the voltage or engage the pre-heat function, as detailed below.

Single Click Voltage Selection

There is only one tiny button on the MiCare, so small and out of the way because it's almost unnecessary- almost! With one simple click cycle the MiCare between four voltage selections:

  • Blue: 3.4 V
  • Green: 3.6 V
  • Orange: 3.8 V
  • Red: 4.0 V

Choose the best voltage for your needs. Lower voltages give greater taste, while higher voltages result in larger clouds.

Two-Click Preheat Function

Two clicks of the power button on the MiCare battery will begin a 10-second preheat function. This will get your cartridge up to heat right away, and keep it there for the best enjoyment of your liquids. Pressing the button again will end the preheat at any time, but after 10 seconds it will stop on its own, vibrating the battery slightly to let you know it ended.

Haptic Vibration Feedback

Do you ever wish your vape could talk to you? Maybe not verbally, but let you know when things happen through more than just a flashing light? Exxus' MiCare is equipped with a mild vibration for certain events to provide you with "haptic feedback", the kind you can feel! A few events trigger this, notably if there's no cartridge inserted when you activate the Preheat, and when the Preheat reaches its 10 second maximum time; both events will trigger a gentle vibration to tell you what's up as well as the light under the power button flashing to alert you.

Includes 2 Magnetic Adapters

Stop wasting your time screwing in and out your cartridges! Save yourself with quick and handy magnets! The Exxus MiCare comes with 2 Magnetic Adapters and is built for use exclusively as a magnetic system. Simply thread your favorite 510 cartridge in one time (or twice, for double the cartridges to have at the ready) and that's it! Drop it in to enjoy it, and when it runs out simply pull it out and put in the next one. No more constant unscrewing to change your cartridges, just drop and draw!

Available in Assorted Styles & Associated Colors

The MiCare battery is available in two distinct styles: Cobra & Splatter. Choose your favorite from the options above; and know that each style has its own color combinations, detailed below. Each order will receive one color at random, but include some order notes at checkout letting us know if you have a color preference. We will do our best to fulfill your request, but with no guarantee that your requested color will be in stock. If that's the case, we will pick another color at random for you.

  • Cobra: Available in Black and Full Color
  • Splatter: Available in White, Red, Green, and Rainbow

Included in the Box

The Exxus MiCare comes with everything listed here:

  • 1x MiCare Device
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 1x User Manual
  • 2x Magnetic Adapters

As a Box Mod Battery, the Exxus MiCare does not come with a cartridge, despite what the User Manual states when you read it. The included magnetic adapters feature industry standard 510 threading awaiting your favorite 510 cartridge, but if you're in the market for one you can browse our extensive cartridge selection to find one that's right for you! (Our SmartBud 1mL Cartridge is hot right now.)

Capacity (mAh):
Variable Voltage