Eyce Shorty: Silicone Chillum

By: Eyce
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Silicone Taster

Whether you're a fan of Eyce or appreciate the allure of silicone, these Silicone Chillums, the Eyce Shorties, are sure to find a fitting place in your collection! Made from platinum cured silicone, these pipes are drop-proof and heat resistant. They are short and compact, a mere 3.5 inches long, and feature a shallow glass bowl at the top. When it's time to clean, it's as easy as taking out the glass bowl and throwing it all in the dishwasher!

Glass Bowl Insert

Silicone itself is heat-resistant and imparts no taste to contaminate your herbs, but with the addition of a glass bowl you can rest easy knowing you'll get the best taste in the smallest package. The glass bowl can be removed and replaced if the occasion calls for it. We carry the replacement on our site too!

Convertible into a Nectar Collector

We carry all the parts from Eyce! The best thing about this Shorty is that, with the right part, you can make this be more than just a chillum. Using the new Eyce Titanium Straw, replace the glass bowl at the tip to convert this silicone chillum into a bona fide nectar collector! Short, discrete, and ultra portable, the Shorty Nectar Collector will be your favorite concentrate tool!

Assorted Colors

These Eyce Silicone Chillums are available in an assortment of solid and mixed colors.

10-Piece Display Box Available

Buy 10 Eyce Shorties to receive a display box full of 10 chillums. Each box can be opened and setup on your counter top for customers and friends to choose from. Each display box is filled with assorted colored Shorties.

Compatible Parts

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Eyce offers a lifetime warranty on their products. Visit eycemolds.com/lifetime-warranty for more information.

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