EZ Wider 1 1/4 Size Organic Hemp Cones, 32 Pack

By: EZ Wider

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  • Organic Hemp 1 1/4 Cones. 
  • Made from unbleached organic hemp with natural acacia gum. 
  • 32 pre-rolled cones per pack. 
  • 12-piece display box available. 

When it's time to party and you need a lot of cones fast, grab a 32-pack of EZ Wider 1 1/4 Size Organic Hemp Cones.

That's right: this is a pack of 32 pre-rolled hemp cones complete with a tip and with a natural acacia gum seal. The slide-open box contains all 32 cones, 8 paper packing tools, and a cone filler. Everything you need to get the party started!

12-Piece Display Box Available

Wholesale customers, purchase quantities of 12 to receive this product in a closed, sealed box ready to be turned into a display for your store. See pictures above for examples.

Cones Per Pack:
Cone Size:
1 1/4
Display Box Quantity: