Lucky Elephant Pipe

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Take a Hit for Good Luck

Revered worldwide, you can bring the fortunes of an elephant statue into your home today with this Lucky Elephant Pipe! Expertly crafted from ceramic and coated with a sienna brown color and glazed, this pipe looks like it belongs on a table or mantle in any home. At 7" long and looking like a professionally carved statue, this unique pipe can find a home in any collection. The bowl is in the back on top of the elephant's tail, and on the side is a carburetor to ensure great smoking and to stop smoke from becoming stale before entering your lungs. The mouthpiece is at the tip of the raised trunk.

To Bring you Wealth and Wisdom

Elephant statues are popular worldwide, believing to protect homes and ensuring only good fortune enters. Elephants are believed to bring strength, stability, and wisdom, so impart a fortune upon yourself by using this elephant pipe today! The trunk on this pipe is raised, which is a sign of showering wealth.

7" Long

From trunk to tail this pipe measures 7" long and stands 3.5" tall. It's a hefty pipe at 12 ounces, but still able to be held and operated with one hand.

Available in Brown & Black

NEW! The Lucky Elephant Pipe is now available in a glossy black!

The Lucky Elephant Pipe is available in a Burnt Sienna (Brown) or Black. Choose your favorite from the options above before adding one to your cart.

Individually Gift Boxed

Each Lucky Elephant Pipe is individually boxed in a container perfect for gifting and a fun pleasure to open. Inside, the pipe is protected by a firm styrofoam padding.