Sip Puff Pass Ceramic Pipe Mug

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Take a Sip, Take a Puff, Pass it on

Now Available in Black!

We've carried uniquely-colored Blue and Purple pipes for a while; well, now we have a much more traditional Black mug available! Pick one up today to update your mug collection with this unique pipe mug!

The time-honored tradition gains a new step! This mug pipe is a little extra, housing a pipe along its handle with the pipe bowl down near the base. Pour in your favorite beverage, load your favorite herb and fire it up, then sip, puff, pass it on. These ceramic mugs can hold 11 fluid ounces of your favorite drink, hot or cold, and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Available in Assorted Colors

This pipe is available in Purple, Blue, and Black. Choose your favorite using the options list above!

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