Flying Pig 10" Recycler Bong

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  • 10" tall glass recycler bong. 
  • Compact "Incycler" style water pipe. 
  • Fixed stem with showerhead perc. 
  • Includes 14mm dry herb bowl. 

What's even better than a recycler? An incycler! Flying Pig Glass has stepped up their design with this compact glass recycler bong featuring an incycler, a recycler chamber inside of the bong itself.

The Flying Pig 10" Recycler Bong is a stemless water pipe with an incycler to swirl and purify smoke, moving water around to give you the cleanest tastes. Smoke percolates through a base-connected showerhead perc before being drawn into the vortex of the incycler.

A slightly bent neck makes enjoying your tokes easy, and keeps flames at a distance. The upright connection joint on this bong is perfect for every accessory. The Flying Pig 10" Recycler Bong includes a dry herb bowl, but grab a banger to enjoy concentrates too!