Flying Pig 6" Mini Bubbler Rig, Assorted Colors

By: Flying Pig Glass

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  • 6" Tall
  • Banger Hanger design - Perfect for Reclaiming
  • Simple 3 Hole Bubbler Perc on Fixed Downstem
  • Bent Neck for relaxed toking
  • Includes 14mm Dry Herb Bowl
  • Assorted Colored Accents

Short, simple, and effective, this 6" tall Mini Bubbler Rig from Flying Pig Glass is an excellent piece to enjoy with a small footprint.

The banger hanger style of this glass water pipe leaves a small chamber which is perfect for reclaiming unsmoked material- simply apply heat to put any caught material back to work!

The fixed downstem deposits smoke low in the bong's reservoir, and its 3 hole bubble perc will gently percolate smoke or vapor for full-flavor hits.