Flying Pig 6" Shine Iridescent Banger Hanger Bong

By: Flying Pig Glass

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  • 6" tall. 
  • Bell-shaped beaker base. 
  • Banger hanger style joint with fixed downstem and 3-hole perc. 
  • Bent neck for relaxed toking. 
  • Includes 14mm male bowl. 

Shine bright with this new piece from Flying Pig Glass, the 6" tall Shine Banger Hanger!

Coated with a rainbow, iridescent finish, this thick glass bong sports a bell-shaped beaker body, which helps to circulate water and smoke without splash-back. Its banger hanger design means its upright joint is ready to support your favorite accessory, and it features a built-in drip-catch for recycling unused material.

The Shine bong has a fixed downstem with a 3-hole perc, great for when you want minimal percolation for herbs or concentrates. The neck of this piece is gently bent for maximum enjoyment.

Each Shine Banger Hanger comes with a 14mm dry herb bowl.