Freezable Glass Galaxy Glitter Pipe

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Freezable Glitter Filled Pipe

Chill out with these brilliant Freezable Glass Galaxy Glitter Pipes! Available in Small or Large size, these hand pipes can be used anytime, anywhere, but can easily be stored in the freezer and chilled for ultra cool smoke. Each pipe is built with a glass filter to prevent unwanted ash from flowing through.

  • Small Pipes measure about 4" long
  • Large Pipes measure about 5" long

Dream Glitter Pipes hand-crafts each pipe, so they may vary in length, but quality is never compromised. Each pipe is filled with a high-quality glycerin liquid which won't freeze solid even at 0°, and are capped with a high-tech silicone based sealant.

Galaxy-Inspired Glitter

Filled with large glitter stars, lightning bolts, and more, these pipes are filled with a collection of larger glitter than its fine glitter-filled cousin, the Freezable Glass Glitter Pipes. For a more solid colored pipe with fine, shimmering glitter, check out those glitter pipes instead!

Available in Assorted Colors

These Freezable Glass Glitter Pipes are available in assorted colors, including a Glow in the Dark White!