Freezable Glass Glitter Chillum

By: Dream Glitter Pipes

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Freezable Glitter Chillum

Chill with this chillum for delicious, slow hits of your favorite herbs! Able to be chilled in the freezer, this glitter-filled taster has a deep bowl in the front to pack and enjoy from, pulling smoke through its 4" body to cool.

These chillums are available in various glitter colors, even a glow-in-the-dark white! Each Freezable Glass Glitter Chillum is hand made and their lengths may vary, but each is filled with a high-quality glycerin guaranteed to remain fluid even when chilled to 0°!

Fine Glitter Filling

These pipes are filled with a fine glitter, able to freely float and bounce light. If you're interested in something similar but different, check out our Freezable Galaxy Glitter Chillums which are filled with a larger glitter composed of star and lightning bolt shapes.