Freezable Glass Glitter Poker

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Complete your Dream Glitter Pipe collection with a Freezable Glass Glitter Poker! Safely poke and shift your hot herbs with a matching 5" glittery poker, able to double as a wax & concentrate dab tool.

Available in Assorted Colors

These Freezable Glass Glitter Pokers are available in a wide assortment of colored glitter fill, including a glow-in-the-dark white! Each poker is hand made by the experts at Dream Glitter Pipes, so their lengths may vary slightly.

Fine Glitter Filling

These pipes are filled with a fine glitter, able to freely float and bounce light. If you're interested in something similar but different, check out our Freezable Galaxy Glitter Pokers which are filled with a larger glitter composed of star and lightning bolt shapes.

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