Glass Mini Bubbler

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Times sure have changed. No longer do you have to rely on a full-sized rig or waterpipe to truly enjoy your herbs and flower. With this Glass Mini Bubbler, you can enjoy the sweet taste of your favorite blends, the same taste you can get from larger pieces, in a package no larger than your hand.

These Bubblers stand just shy of 6" tall and can stay upright on a table or held in your hand as you enjoy it. The bowl is built-in to the top with a downstem that will funnel your smoke down into any water you've included to cool and diffuse it leading to greater, relaxing hits. At its tip is a flat-mouth mouthpiece for ultimate enjoyment.

Available in Assorted Striped Colors

These Glass Mini Bubblers are clear with a swirled and striped color. Such colors include Red, Blue and more, some pictured above.