900mAh Graphic Pipe Shaped Battery, Assorted Designs

By:  BeLeaf
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  • 900 mAh capacity. 
  • 3 voltage settings (3.0V - 4.2V) 
  • Shaped like an old style pipe, now in an assortment of cool graphics! 
  • 510 threading for universal accessory use. 
  • Cartridge not included. 

Warning: Charging this device using a wall outlet USB adapter may short circuit the device. Use the included charger with a computer, portable power brick, or other USB-based charging solution.
If you're having problems or believe your device may have shorted out, contact us and we can help. How will you know if your Pipe Shaped Vape has shorted? The Pipe Shaped Battery will flash 10 times and won't power your attached accessory.

You've seen our Pipe Shaped Vape, and maybe you even own one (or more!). But its wooden graphic just isn't doing it for you; you're cooler than that and need to express yourself with your batteries. Well, now we carry the same awesome and unique cart battery that looks like a pipe in an assortment of cool graphic styles!

Check it out: this is the same 900mAh capacity, variable voltage cart pipe battery you want for your carts and accessories, but it's now available in 4 new, cool styles:

The Porcelain style is my personal favorite.

The button at the top of the vape controls everything:

  • 5 clicks powers the vape on / off. 
  • 3 clicks cycles through the variable voltage settings
  • 2 clicks begins a 15 second preheat function. 
  • Press and hold to begin heating your attached accessory. 

This awesome battery has universal 510 threading, so it's ready to accept your favorite accessories. Take it with you anywhere thanks to its travel-ready and compact shape. Just throw it into a pocket or purse and enjoy 900mAh of power, which is plenty enough for a full day of vaping!

These Graphic Pipe Batteries are available in an assortment of graphics, and the pictures above do not reflect our current available assortment. Use the "Preferred Style" option to request a specific style. If you don't allow substitutions, we will contact you if your requested style isn't available; otherwise we will send a random style.