Graphic Silicone Grenade Nectar Collector, Assorted

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Percolating Grenade-Shaped Collector

These awesome Graphic Nectar Collectors will give you an EXPLOSION of taste from your concentrates! Inside of each grenade is an optional dome perc, allowing you to turn this simple nectar collector into a water-cooling vape! Every grenade includes a 14mm titanium straw and the bodies of the collector is covered with colorful, extravagant graffiti in a variety of tints.

If the graphics on these look familiar, it may be because they are! We have many other pipes which feature similar graffiti graphics:

And the grenade? That's right, we do carry grenade kits! They are plain mixed colors though; if you're looking for a stylish upgrade, grab one of these Graphic Grenade Nectar Collectors today before they're gone!

Rick & Morty Design Available!

Just in time for Season 4, we carry a special Glow-in-the-Dark Rick & Morty graphic style as well! Still with the same percolator and straw as the graffiti versions, this style features various Rick and Morty graphics covering its surface and it's printed on a glow in the dark material which will, as its name suggests, glow in the dark!

Available in Assorted Tints

These Graphic Grenade Nectar Collectors are available in an assortment of tints, such as Blue, Orange, and White. Each color changes and skews the resulting graphic colors, lending their tints to them, except white which results in clean, vibrant prints. Each order will receive one at random.