Grav 2" Glass Donut Chillum

By: Grav
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Unique Disc Chillum

If you're always looking for something unique to truly stand out in your glass collection, this piece may be what tops it all! This unique Donut Chillum from Grav Glass features a ringed chamber for smoke to flow through, and the center is closed glass for an easy to hold experience. Simply pack your material on the far end with the straight bowl, and inhale through the opposite side to watch the smoke flow. the diameter of the donut is 2", and with the extruding bowl this piece comes out to be about 2.5" long.

Ringed Chamber

Smoke that enters this chillum gets split when it enters its ringed chamber, extending the time it takes to reach your mouth and giving a cool effect of swirling smoke inside.

Assorted Colors and Opacities

These Grav Donut Chillums are available in an assortment of colors and opacity, meaning some you can see through easier than others. We will grab one at random for each order.